Introducing the Team: Janice Harvey, co-investigator

Hi. I’m am an Assistant Professor in Environment and Society at St. Thomas. This is a program unaffiliated with any particular department in which students can earn a Major (as a double major) or a Minor. The first 25 years of my working life was spent with the Conservation Council of NB, an environmental advocacy group formed in 1969 – one of the oldest in Canada. So my academic second career is informed by many years as an advocate and activist in provincial and federal environmental politics. Before working at CCNB, I began my activism as a member of the Maritime Energy Coalition, the group formed in the 1970s to oppose the construction of the Point Lepreau nuclear plant in New Brunswick. So I cut my political teeth on energy issues opposing nuclear power and advocating for a soft energy path, a term coined by Amory Lovins. Forty-five years later, energy issues remain front and centre as we strive for a liveable future in the face of climate change, widespread toxic and radiological contamination, biodiversity loss, and personal and global insecurity. The CEDAR project is one of many initiatives helping to map out that future.