The CEDAR project initiates and supports media interventions to reveal, critique, and challenge the power structures involved in energy transitions and the messages they promote.

This page features relevant publications (slide decks, presentations, papers, articles, commentaries, videos, briefs, public submissions) produced by CEDAR team members since our project started in April 2023. Click on the link in the reference to view or download.


O’Donnell, S. & Ramana, M.V. (2024). ‘PR Fairy Dust’ Has Canada Tripling Nuclear Capacity by 2050. The Energy Mix, January 8.


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Akagi, H. & O’Donnell, S. (2023). New Brunswick Indigenous communities and Canadians need facts about SMNRs, not sales hype. The Hill Times, September 28. Republished by the NB Media Co-op on October 2. An edited version was published by the Telegraph Journal on October 14.

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