Sshh! Waiting to launch

Our project funder, SSHRC, gave us the exciting news in early April that our CEDAR project proposal was successful and will be funded for five years. However, we can only officially launch the project when the federal government announces the Insight grant competition results. We hope to launch soon!

Since April, the team has been busy getting ready to conduct the research. The three universities are putting the paperwork in place so we can hire our first students in September.

The first two research teams (Study 1: Media Analysis and Study 2: Key Actor Analysis) have been meeting to map out their research plans.

We developed this website to be ready on launch day to share our project information with everyone.

Two project investigators – Susan O’Donnell and Janice Harvey – attended the academic Congress 2023 at York University in Toronto from May 27 to June 2. At York, they engaged in many conversations with researchers in sociology, communications and political science from universities across Canada and internationally. Their Congress presentations included this one, at the Society for Socialist Studies meeting, co-written with project co-investigator M.V. Ramana.

The experiences at York and subsequent conversations with the co-investigators convinced us that the time is right to talk about degrowth and decolonization and the energy transition, and how these three issues are interlinked. So we’re starting to organize our first public event on that theme, to be held at St. Thomas University in Fredericton in October this year.

We’re ready to launch!