The Plutonium Project

As the final activity of the RAVEN project in the winter term of 2023, just prior to the start of CEDAR, the STU Environment and Society program created the Plutonium Project. Eight student research assistants were hired to investigate the proposed development of new nuclear reactors (SMRs) and plutonium extraction at the Point Lepreau nuclear plant site on the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick.

A St. Thomas University News article about the project is HERE.

Below are the four posters and video produced by the students at the end of the project.


Plutonium Economy: Implications for Global Security
Alex Compton and Chris Roddis

Following the Money: Small Modular Reactors in New Brunswick
Maria Caridad Guerrero and Alexandra Guitard
The Impacts of Radioactive Waste from Proposed
Small Modular Reactors (SMRS) in New Brunswick
Emma Frackenthall and Valeria Solis

Rhetoric vs. Reality: Analyzing Public Media Discourse on
Small Modular Nuclear Reactors in New Brunswick ​
Plutonium Project Video

The posters were featured in a four-minute video made by research assistant Alex Compton. Have a look to see the students speak about their work. The video is on the Environment and Society Program YouTube channel: