Introducing the team: Abby Bartlett, research assistant

Hello everyone, I am Abby Bartlett and have recently graduated from St. Thomas University with my BA. I majored in Native Studies while attending STU and in 2017 I graduated from NBCC with the title of Environmental Technologist. My educational background has prepared me for what I currently focus on as I contribute to the project. I started on the CEDAR project in April of 2024 and am currently working on Study Three, Participatory Action Research. My focus on Study Three is to amplifying Indigenous voices, and part of that started with analyzing 30 declarations made by Indigenous Nations regarding nuclear waste. I have also written an article amplifying the voice of Chief Akagi, and the Passamaquoddy Recognition Group Inc, which was posted in the NB Media Co-op. Chief Akagi has requested to have a public hearing to review any new governance arrangement for the Point Lepreau nuclear reactor on Peskotomuhkati homeland. The article was published today and can be found HERE. I am excited to see what comes next as the CEDAR project continues!