Study one: Media analysis

This two-year study is led by Janice Harvey working with Susan O’Donnell and student research assistants, with collaborators Chief Ron Tremblay, Gretchen Fitzgerald, Sabrina Bowman and Sophie Lavoie. The team’s critical discourse analysis and content analysis of print news media and social media is focused on published stories about energy transitions in both official languages.

We also analyze how these media stories circulate on social media, including an analysis of the Facebook advertising database to identify actors promoting energy transition topics.

In preparation for this study, we identified a range of discourses at both ends of the spectrum (table below) and in-between these two ends.

Research questions could include:

• What are the variety of dominant and counter-hegemonic discourses about energy transitions in the media?
• Which key actors are promoting these discourses in the public?
• Do differences exist between anglophone and francophone media, and between national and New Brunswick media?
• To what extent do messages from the media about the transition circulate on social media, and what other actors are using social media to promote their messages about energy transitions?

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